Below are the 2018 vendors. Information for 2019 coming soon!

ABCO Management Services, Inc.

Funnel Cake, Kettle corn & Beverages

Bountiful Feast

Costa Rica Grilled Chicken, Sandwich, Grilled Shrimp, Meatloaf w/Mac & Cheese, Fries and Drinks

Bricker s Famous French Fries

Fries, Chicken Strips & Drinks

Gemma s Angels Reverse Food Truck

“We Don’t Make Food, We Take Food!” Accepting donations of fresh produce - oranges, potatoes, onions, apples, etc. for area shelters, soup kitchens + food pantries

Hanoverdale Church of the Brethren

Hot Dogs w/Sauerkraut, Soup, Hot Chocolate & Cookies

Jay Vending

Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Hot Chocolate & 2017 Merch (Glo glasses & swords)

Life Church

Five Fire Pits and S'more's

PA Dutch Twist

Soft Pretzels, Pretzel Hot Dogs, Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Soda & Water

L.A. Concessions

NYE Merchandise (light-up toys & novelty items)

Dellinger Concessions

Hat, Toy, Light Up novelties

Derry Township Camping Association

Crafts for Children

Mel's Rock N' BBQ

BBQ, Chicken Fajita, Fresh Cut Fries

Mr. Sorrento's Pizza

Pizza and Italian food

717 Tacos




See above for a list of vendors.

Gemma's Angels Reverse Food Truck

reverse food truck.png

You've seen the now popular food trucks all over the U.S. serving up delicious food. But there's a new trend called Reverse Food Trucking and we love to be trendy!

Our new vehicle--a renovated 2009 Champion shuttle bus on a Ford truck chassis from the Rohrer Bus Company--will serve double duty as a Reverse Food Truck.

Rather than serving food, Gemma’s Angel’s food truck does the opposite. It accepts food donations. Think of it as a food shelf on wheels. The Reverse Food Truck furthers our mission to put hunger in the rear-view mirror. We will accept any type of fresh produce.

Recommended are bags of oranges, apples, potatoes—any fresh fruit or vegetable! It will be distributed to shelters, soup kitchens and food pantries in our two-county region.


We show up at any event where there's people. The more people the better. It could be any community event such as a race, a fair, a festival, a sporting event--anything. The idea is that we give folks enough notice so that they will bring along some type of fresh produce. Typically, a good donation would be a bag of oranges, potatoes, onions, apples--any fresh produce! After all, fresh produce is what we are all about!

If folks want to hand us a check or some cash--we're just fine with that! Any monetary donations will go to purchase fresh produce or to fund our operation. If you have an event and wish to see donations to go to a certain food bank or agency in our two-county region (Dauphin & Lebanon), we're just fine with that. 

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