Hershey Kiss Facts

  • The HERSHEY’s Kiss is raised three stories at the historic Hershey Press Building

  • An aluminum "skeleton" in the famous shape of a HERSHEY'S Kiss was made from 35 laser cut aluminum components, consisting of 24 Vertical ribs, and 8 horizontal ones along with support pieces. The skeleton has 384 welded joints.

  • One-hundred ninety-two square feet of wire mesh was then tied onto the skeleton over two days. Fifteen gallons of fiberglass resin was applied next to create the folds and wrinkles of a wrapped HERSHEY'S Kiss.

  • After the Kiss was gelcoated and sanded, it was covered by adhering 500 lineal feet of commercial aluminum foil with an industrial adhesive. Then, the entire Kiss was covered with three coats of polyurethane clear coating for protection and to seal the edges of the foil.

  • The HERSHEY’s Kiss stands 7' high and 80" across and its approximate weight is 300 pounds.

  • The Kiss wouldn't be complete without the famous plume that resides on top and brings the overall height to 12'.

  • In 2015, the HERSHEY's Kiss Drop and the Hershey New Year's Event was featured live on CNN NEW YEAR'S EVE with Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin with CNN's Gary Tuchman on the scene.  It was seen seen around the globe by over 3 million television viewers!

  • The Kiss was designed by Stoner Graphix, Inc. of Hummelstown, in cooperation with The Hershey Company and the Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company

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Hershey Kiss™ is a trademark of The Hershey Company

The Anatomy of the making of our huge HERSHEY's Kiss

Stoner Graphix, Inc. a Custom Dimensional Sign and Visual Communication company was proud to be involved in construction of the New Years HERSHEY'S Kiss.


The Placing of The Plume

Hershey New Year's Eve Chairman Mike Pries (far right) joins, Kurt Stoner of Stoner Graphix (center), Kent Bachman of Hershey Entertainment and Jamie Geddoux of The Hershey Company, as the plume is placed on top of the giant Hershey's Kiss. (2005)