Mike Pries, Committee Chair
Ellen Cooper, HE&R Representative
Michael Corado, Sponsorship
Lou Verdelli, Sponsorship
Jessica Callahan, Media & Marketing Co-Chair
Kimberly Wyse, Media & Marketing Co-Chair
Gary Chubb, Hershey Entertainment & Resorts CompanyAmy Bischof, The Hershey Story
Susan Edris, First United Methodist Church
Terry Ferree, Derry Township Police representative
Michael Macchioni, Webmaster
Todd Pagliarulo, Fireworks Chair
Patrick O’Rourke, The Hershey Company representative
James Negley, Treasurer

Special Thanks to Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Company staff for making this event a success:

  • Andrew Chisholm

  • Rob Gordon

  • Rod Underkoffler

  • Jennifer Paul

  • Bob Smith

  • Dennis Norton

  • John Hartman

  • Craig Glover

  • Jack Kuhn

  • HersheyPark Maintenance, Event Operations and Security

The volunteers from First United Methodist Church for tonight’s children’s games

We’d also like to thank Derry Township Public Works, and last but not least, thanks to Waste Management for handling the trash receptacle drop off before and pick up after event.